Ink Thinks is a space that allows me to unleash my oddities and insanities upon the virtual globe.  Here you will find my webcomics and my blog.  I hope that you enjoy them.



These are grouped under two main headings in the menu:

  1. Growing Pains, and
  2. It’s Happened

Growing Pains is a series of collected memories from my childhood that each have their own chapter title (as you can see if you hover over ‘Growing Pains’ in the menu).

It’s Happened is essentially a run down of what myself and a friend have planned to do in the event of the zombie apocalypse.  Things are bound to go wrong.  It’s a zombie apocalypse.

A new comic page is published every Monday, so keep checking back to read on.



This feature of my website is here to provide a space to pontificate.  Good word, pontificate.  I have been pontificating about my Granddad, whose life I am researching with the hope of writing a comic about him.

And I have just begun to upload some videos that I’ve made about various things such as writing techniques, introductions to genre and why comics are good.  The first of these is about the fantasy genre – I hope you find it useful.


Well, that’s about it.  I hope that you enjoy roaming around.